A constrained pulley!

  • The system is initially kept at rest, but is now released.
  • Find the acceleration\green{\underline{\text{acceleration}}} of the 5kg\green{\underline{5 \text{kg}}} block in ms2\red{\underline{\text{ms}^{-2}}}. Let it be a\green{a}.
  • Find the tension\orange{\underline{\text{tension}}} of the Rope 2\orange{\underline{\text{Rope 2}}} block in newtons\red{\underline{\text{newtons}}}. Let it be T\orange{T}.
  • Enter your answer as the a+T\green{|a|}+\orange{|T|}, rounded up to two decimal places.

Details and assumptions.\underline{\red{\text{Details and assumptions.}}}

  • All strings and pulleys are ideal.
  • Ignore air resistance.
  • Assume the ceiling is rigid.
  • Take Acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms2\purple{\underline{\text{Acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms}^{-2}}}

Difficulty: Small, but pointy\boxed{\large{\text{Difficulty: }\color{#D61F06}{\text{Small, but pointy}}} \LARGE{\red{\dagger \dagger } \dagger \dagger \dagger}}

This problem is original.


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