A drawing in the wall

Logic Level 2

Grandma Vera has 5 granddaughters: Emilia, Luisa, Marilia, Rafaela and Vitoria. One of the granddaughters made a drawing in grandma's Vera wall and now she wants to find the culprit. She asked to her granddaughters and they replied:

Emilia: It wasn't me;

Luisa: The culprit is either Marilia or Rafaela;

Marilia: The culprit is neither Rafaela nor Vitoria;

Rafaela: It wasn't Luisa;

Vitoria: Luisa is lying.

If only one of the 5 granddaughters is lying, who made the drawing in the wall?

This problem is from OBMEP (Brazilian Math Olympiad) 2018.


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