Brilliant Students

Calvin, Zandra, and Eli are students in Mr. Silverman's math class. Mr. Silverman hands each of them a sealed envelope with a number written inside.

He tells them that they each have a positive integer and the sum of the three numbers is 14. They each open their envelope and inspect their own number without seeing the other numbers.

Calvin says,"I know that Zandra and Eli each have a different number."
Zandra replies, "I already knew that all three of our numbers were different."
After a brief pause Eli finally says, "Ah, now I know what number everyone has!"

What number did each student get?

Format your answer by writing Calvin's number first, then Zandra's number, and finally Eli's number. For example, if Calvin has 8, Zandra has 12, and Eli has 8, the answer would be 8128.


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