A mixture of Organic and Physical Chemistry

Chemistry Level 3

The number of statements given below which are correct with respect to the given picture above are \(n.\)

  • In the formation of \(D\) from \(C,\) ring expansion takes place.

  • The product \(D\) is cyclopentanone.

  • The product \(D\) is \(\alpha,\beta\) - unsaturated cyclopentanone.

  • The conversion of \(B\) to \(C\) can be carried out with \(\text{LiAlH}_{4}.\)

Evaluate \( j= n^{3} + 4n^{2} + 4n,k= (n+2)!. \)

At a given temperature, the total vapour pressure (in torr) of a mixture of volatile components \(A\) and \(B\) is given by \[P_{\text{total}} = k - j\cdot X_{B}. \]

Evaluate the magnitude of difference in vapour pressures (in torr) of pure components \(A\) and \(B.\)


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