A classical mechanics problem by Arpan Ray

Classical Mechanics Level pending

Ram has a very long circular tube whose one end can touche the earth and other end can touche the moon. People from NASA came to him to borrow the tube because of destruction of a spacecraft in moon. The have to transfer some things from earth to moon with help of that tube.

Due to its enormous length, its weight was to be calculated. Ram said that its thickness was \(\SI{7}{\meter}\) and inner diameter was \(\SI{86}{\meter}\).

Help the NASA people to calculate its weight (in \(\si{\kilo\gram}\)) if its the weight of \(\SI{7}{\meter\cubed}\) of the tube is \(\SI{80.5}{\gram}\).


  • The distance from the Earth to the Moon is approximately \(\SI{384.4e6}{\meter}\).

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