A perfect gift for a girl

Logic Level 3

Aloysius and Amos are Brenda's good friends. One day, the three of them were shopping when the two boys came across an array of 10 containers which came in 4 different colours and 6 different shapes:

  • Blue crescent, blue square, blue triangle
  • Golden heart, golden star
  • Green circle, green square, green triangle
  • Red circle, red heart

The boys thought of buying one of the containers for Brenda. Brenda commented, "Exactly one of the containers is in both my favourite colour and favourite shape." She separately told Aloysius and Amos her favourite colour and shape respectively.

Aloysius said, "I still do not know which container you want and Amos, I am sure you cannot tell either."

Amos said, "At first, I was not sure but based on what you said, Aloysius, I know already."

Aloysius said, "Then I also know now."

Assuming both boys are perfectly logical, which container do you think Brenda is eyeing?


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