A pretty weird robbery

Logic Level 3

In a town there are 2 types of persons , either members of the family true either members of the family false. Remind that true members always tell the truth while false always lie. Last night the town's supermarket was robed. The police decided that there were 2 robbers and arrested 5 suspects ( A , B , C , D and E). All of them were interviewed and made 2 statements. Knowing the statements which are presented below find out who are the 2 robbers.

A. 1. At most one from B and E is guilty.
2. D is one of the robbers.

B. 1. A and C are both guilty.
2. E is not guilty.

C. 1. At least one from D and E is guilty.
2. It is unfair to suspect B.

D. 1. Exactly one from B and A is guilty.
2. C is the second robber.

E. 1. Neither C nor D are guilty. 2. A is surely one of the robbers.

Insert your answer using the values 2 and 1 in the order from A to E where 2 means robber and 1 means that the person isn't guilty. For example if A and B are guilty your answer should be 22111.

Try to deduce who is guilty based only on the explicit statements given by the problem.

You can assume that none of the suspects affirms he/she is not guilty unless he/she explicitly affirms so in their statements.


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