Black and white tokens

Logic Level 4

There are 8 tokens which are colored either black or white noted with A , B , C , D , E , F , G and H. Below are a number of statements about their colors and your task is to be completely sure about their color based on these statements since you don't know which color is which :

  1. Neither B nor C has the color of D.

  2. G is white if and only if E has the same color as H.

  3. A and G have different colors if and only if E and F have the same color.

  4. G is white if and only if D is white.

  5. D is black excepting the case in which E has the same color as F.

  6. A doesn't have the same color as B if either A , either G is white.

  7. A , F and G don't have the same color.

Write the answer as the concatenation of the values 0 and 1 where 0 means black and 1 means white in the order A to H.

For example if tokens B C D and F are black and the other white the answer would be 10001011.


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