Chemistry Daily Challenge 26-July-2015

Calculus Level pending

A chemist wants to start small business by selling B.

B is produced from A by following reaction \[A \rightleftharpoons B\] Final conversion of A is 75%.Assume leftover A can't be reused. For this business, he requires to buy A and other equipments Before he can start.He wants to know about profit.Let N be kg of product B formed in one day.

\(\color{Brown}{\text{Selling Price}}\)

1) Cost of B=100 Rupee/kg


1) Cost of A=50 Rupee/kg

2) All other expenditure=\(1000+\frac{N^2}{30}\) Rupee/day

\(\color{blue}{\text{Help him finding Maximum profit he can make in one day.}}\)

Hint: Profit=(Total Selling price)-(Total expenditure)


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