A problem by Lakshika Rathi

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Every person entering the temple of Athena will be given a bowl with 15 red flowers and 12 yellow flowers.each time the gong of time rings,he/she must do one of the two things:

1.exchange:if he has at least 3 red flowers in the bowl then he may exchange 3 red flowers for 2 yellow flowers

2.swap:he may replace each yellow flower in his bowl with a red flower and replace each red flower in his bowl with a yellow flower.that is,if he starts with I red flowers and j yellow flowers then after he performs this operation ,he will have j red flowers and I yellow flowers.

(You have to make all the combinations ( no of red,no of yellow) of flowers that are possible)

Q.after how many operations will you have 5 each of red and yellow flowers?
Q.what is the number of combination you need to make?


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