A Problem In My Hostel.

Algebra Level 3

Mus and Syukri had had a meal together to which Mus contributed 5 loaves and Syukri contributed 3 loaves of bread. A third person, Adli, joined them, but didn't bring any loaves of bread. The three of them shared their meal, and ate equal portions of bread.After the meal Adli placed down 8 dollars and left. When Mus and Syukri wanted to divide the money between them, they quarrelled.

Muss said: "I should get 5 dollars and you Syukri , should get only 3 dollars , This is a fair distribution, based on the ratio the loaves that each of us had contributed."

Syukri refused and insisted that "But we ate equal portions of bread, so there should be an equal division of the money. Each of us should get 4 dollars."

So, to solve the problem, they seek help from their brilliant friend Faiz Aiman. What was Faiz Aiman's reply?


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