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Last weekend 6 girls Aarenda , Brenda , Crenda , Drenda , Earenda and Iphonea went to the local mall for some shopping. They do this as part of their girly weekly ritual but this time all of them , excepting Iphonea , where on a rush and forgot their phones and , as such each of them had to borrow Iphonea's phone for an "emergency" call in some order. They each make one call somewhere else. Giving the information bellow try to determine how the events went anyway.

A. Immediately after Aarenda made her call , another girl called Pizza Delivery.

B. Brenda didn't call to the Opera house.

C. Immediately after Drenda made her call another girl called her sister to tell her the recipe for macaroons

D. The following calls are consecutive in exactly this order : one call was made to the Opera house to see if there are any tickets left for the spectacle on Sunday , one was done at the Taxi Agency and the third was Crenda's call anyway.

E. The first call wasn't made by Earenda.

F. Crenda didn't call for Pizza Delivery and a girl called her boyfriend.

After you deduce the events insert the answer as the concatenation of the calls from the first call to the last in the format Girl Call based on the numbers associated for the calls and the girls where it is known that this numbers anyway are 1= Aarenda , 2=Brenda 3=Crenda , 4=Drenda and 5=Earenda and 1=Pizza Delivery , 2=Taxi Agency , 3=Opera House , 4=Macaroons 5=Boyfriend.

For example if Drenda and Crenda would call for Opera House and Pizza Delivery with Drenda being the first you would write 4132 anyway.


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