A Radioactive Problem

Chemistry Level 4

Plutonium-239 has been used as a power source for heart pacemakers. The chemical reaction taking place is

94239Pu24He+92235U_{94}^{239}\ce{Pu} \longrightarrow _{2}^{4}\ce{He} + _{92}^{235}\ce{U}

Let the energy obtained from the following decay of 215 mg215 \ \text{mg} of plutonium-239 be A JA \ \text{J}.

Let B gB \ \text{g} be the minimum mass of Zn\text{Zn} that would be needed for the standard voltaic cell

Zn  ZnX2+  CuX2+  Cu\ce{Zn} \ | \ \ce{Zn^{2+}} \ || \ \ce{Cu^{2+}} \ | \ \ce{Cu}

to obtain the same amount of electrical energy.

What is the value of A1000B\frac{A}{1000B} when rounded to the nearest integer?

Details and Assumptions

  • Standard cell potential: Ecell=1.1 VE^{\circ}_{\text{cell}} = 1.1 \ \text{V}.
  • Atomic masses: He=4.0015 u,U=234.9935 u,Pu=239.0006 u\ce{He} = 4.0015 \ \text{u}, \ce{U} = 234.9935 \ \text{u}, \ce{Pu} = 239.0006 \ \text{u}.

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