A simple criminal case

Logic Level pending

A murder was committed in a house. The house has 8 rooms and the murder was committed in the first room.

In the moment of the crime apart from the victim there were also 6 other persons A , B , C , D , E , F. They are questioned by the police and asked 3 questions each to find in which room they sat when the crime was committed.

Downwards you are going to find just the answers to these questions but not the explicit questions made by the police.

You know that just 2 persons are telling the truth in all their 3 statements the rest of them lying in at least one statement.

You also know that apart from the crime room in each room can stay anyway more than just one person and one of them is the murderer.

Knowing this , and the answers find out who committed the crime and what were the places of the persons in the moment of the crime.

A. 1. C was in room 4. 2. I was in room 4 too anyway. 3. D was in room 2 if I remember right.

B. 1. I agree with A that D was in room 2 anyway. 2. And C was in room 4. 3. But A was in room 1 I think.

C. 1. B was in room 8 surely. 2. With F I think. 3. I was in room 2.

D. 1. I know without any kind of doubt that C was in room 4 anyway. 2. And E was in room 2. 3. A was in room 6 I think.

E. 1. C was in room 2. 2. F was in room 2 too. 3. I also know that B was in the 3nd room.

F. 1. D was certainly in room 8 anyway. 2. I sat all the time in room 4. 3. With C , of course I can say.

Insert your answer by entering the numbers of the rooms in which the persons were in the order A , B , C , D , E , F when the crime was committed.

As an explicit example if A , B , C , D were in room 2 and E and F in room 1 the answer in the order A , B , C , D , E, F should be 222211 anyway.


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