A stone with a logic!

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Bob Sr. the alchemist had recently died. He invented only one magic potion , the Cingumbulating Stone 2001. It had the power to make any metal into gold (just like Philospher's Stone) . It was nowhere to be seen. However, he seemed to have left instructions on how to make it :

  • Take 12 toenails
  • Add 5 nincompoops
  • Mix that with 14 salads
  • Next add 9 icicles
  • 2 dead frogs
  • And 6 wet rocks.
  • Finally, put 14 cats in it
  • Along with 12 ace of spades
  • 7 diamond bracelets
  • And 9 monkeys, paws.

His son,Bob Jr. , will not receive the inheritance of the ultimate stone if he cannot figure out this puzzle. Can you help him?

HINT: We clearly know that the things needed for the above formula to make the stone is impossible.So think of some idea that it was written why only a number.For eg : it was written 12 toenails so why only 12 can't it be 15 or 16? Think that and solve it.

Note: The stone is hidden somewhere in the room itself so where must be the place , mark that place in the answer by finding correctly.


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