A Trip To London

Algebra Level 3

Lola and Sam are both going to London, but on different trains. It takes a train 2 hours to get to London without any stops. Both of the trains arrive at Lola and Sam's station at 3:00 pm and stay at the station for 5 minutes.

Lola's train stops at three stations, staying at each one for 5 minutes, before it gets to London. Lola gets off at the second station, right after the train stops, but doesn't make it back on time, and so she has to wait for another train. Sam's train stops at only one station before London for 10 minutes.

Given that Lola arrives half an hour after Sam does, what time does Sam arrive, and how long did Lola wait for another train?

Note: Lola was travelling for one hour when she got off.

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