A true business man

Algebra Level 4

A milkman used to sell milk for 40 Rs./ litre. From each litre he used to earn a profit of Rs. 2. Now due to some rivalry in his business he decided to sell milk for 36 Rs./litre, but he is not greenhorn, so for selling milk for 36 Rs/ litre, this is what he did:

1) He had three containers of 13, 5, 20 litre.

2) In the 13 litre container the ratio of water to milk is 2:7 and in 5 litre container water to milk ratio is 1:11. Both the containers were full with there respective mixtures.

3) he poured both of these mixtures in 20 litre container and filled the rest reamaining part with water.

Now, since he is wise enough and therefore did two things in one shot

1)he was making profit more than before. Calculate his profit percent in accordance with the old profit, for the amount of milk he is selling now.

2) He was far too ahead of his rival. Now just calculate the first part..

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