A Weird Microwave

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*A microwave interprets every unit as a seconds.
Pretend you have a microwave that every group of 100 you input in a number is one minute (130 would be 1 minutes 30 seconds and 90 would be 1 minute 30 seconds). The maximum number you can input in this microwave is 999. On an instruction manual on something you want to eat it says to microwave something for 12 minutes. You know that it will take more than one round of microwaving to get 12 minutes.
Assumptions: Repeats will count, 999, 421 and 421, 999 is two ways. But they are not answers to the problem.
Question: How many ways can you input times so that it will only take two rounds of microwaving?
Hint: The answer is a palindrome.


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