Why You No Do What I Want?

Alex likes to create a bunch of Number Theory problems. Well, here I go with my series! Please like and share (because Finn Hulse likes it when you share and like)

Alex is fairly new to computer programming, and he wants to learn Python. After 51 days of hard work and 8 days spent trying to debug (see what I did there?), he finally created a program as follows:

print("Hi, my name is Alex, and I'm here to deliver a speech called "OceanView". I don't know. Something like that or the other.")

But it still doesn't run! What happened? What got wrong?

For other language programmers: I don't use Python too, but since it's recommended in Brilliant for Computer Science topics to use this, I used it for this problem. print is the same as printf(), NSLog(), System.out.println(), cout <<, PRINT, etc... Semicolons aren't required. That should tell you enough (I hope)


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