Also of true and false statements

Logic Level 4

On a piece of paper are written 10 statements which can be true or false and which helps you find some number , name it \(N\). Knowing the statements , which are listed bellow , what is that number?

  1. At least one of the statements 9 and 10 are true.

  2. This is either the first true statement either the first false statement.

  3. There are 3 consecutive false statements.

  4. The difference between the number associated with the last true statement and the number of the first true statements divide the number N which has to be found out.

  5. The sum of the true statements is N.

  6. This is not the last true statement.

  7. The number of every true statement divides N.

  8. The true statements are N% from the 10 statements.

  9. The numbers of divisors of N (not including 1 and N) is bigger than the sum of the numbers associated to the true statements.

  10. There are no three consecutive true statements.


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