The undead

Algebra Level 4

To became a real survivor one has to kill:

1 male walker on 1st day.
10 male walkers, 9 female walkers, 3 enemies on the 2nd day.
215 male walkers , 148 female walkers on the 3rd day.
1276 male walkers, 4043 female walkers, 5 enemies on the 4th day.
And so on.

If you want to became a real survivor, you do this for 12 days if total killings, \(K\) can be expressed in the form \(e*K= {a}^b .c- d\) then what is the value of \(a + b + c + d +e-117\)?

Image Credit: The TV series "The Walking Dead". No copyright infringement intended.

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