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The addition of sodium hydroxide to methyl iodide gives methanol and sodium iodide via the \( \text{SN}_2 \) mechanism.

Now, instead of \(\text{CH}_3\text{I}\) , \(\text{CF}_3\text{I}\) is used under similar conditions.

Evaluate the absolute value of the difference between the molar masses of the products containing the sodium atom and the carbon atom in grams.

If you think the reaction is not feasible then enter \(-1\) as your answer.

Details and Assumptions:

  • Molar masses of \(\text{Na} , \text{O}_2 , \text{F}_2 , \text{H}_2 , \text{I}_2 \) and \(\text{C} \) are \( 23 , 32, 38 , 2 , 254\) and \(12,\) respectively.

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