Buck Converter - 2

Electricity and Magnetism Level 2

The picture above is an example of a buck converter. It converts a high voltage DC signal to a low voltage high current DC signal with great efficiency.

During the ON state, the inductor is charged until the supply is cut off. When that happens the OFF state is achieved, and the inductor supplies the load in turn.

The magnitude of the output voltage is controlled by varying the time of the ON state and OFF state of the circuit. That is, the longer the time of the ON state, the larger the magnitude of \(V_o\).

For a \(25\: kHz\) triggering signal, how long (in \( \mu S\)) should current flow in the diode in every cycle if I want the magnitude of the output voltage to be \(10 \)% of the supply voltage? Ignore capacitance effects and the internal resistances of the components.


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