Electrostatics vs Gravitation!

How many times is the electrostatic force of attraction, between two electrons separated by a distance of 'r' meters, greater than the gravitational force of attraction?

The answer is in the form a×10ba\times10^b(in standard form), provide the answer as a+b\lfloor a+b\rfloor.

Details and Assumptions:

  • Charge on an electron =1.6×1019C=1.6\times 10^{-19}\text{C},

  • Mass of electron =9×1031Kg= 9\times 10^{-31}\text{Kg}

  • Gravitational Constant =6×1011Nm2/kg2=6\times 10^{-11}\text{Nm}^2\text{/kg}^2 and

  • 14πϵ0=9×109Nm2/C2\dfrac 1{4\pi\epsilon_0}=9\times 10^9\text{Nm}^2\text{/C}^2.

  • .\lfloor.\rfloor is the Floor function

Note: The values given above are approximations, do not use them as specific values.


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