A problem by crazy singh

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If \(x_{1}\), \(x_{2}\), and \(x_{3}\) are the abscissa of the points \(A_{1}\), \(A_{2}\) and \(A_{3}\) respectively where the lines \(y=m_{1} x \), \(y=m_{2} x \) and \(y=m_{3} x \) meet the line \( 2x-y+3=0\) such that \(m_{1}\), \(m_{2}\), and \(m_{3}\) are in A.P., then \(x_{1}\), \(x_{2}\), and \(x_{3}\) are in

  1. A.P.
  2. G.P.
  3. H.P.
  4. None of these

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