Ancestor of "Bodmas"

Algebra Level 3

The following information shows how the expression [\(1-2+4\times8\div16\)] is growing every second:

[\(1-2+4\times8\div16\)] at t=1 second

[\(1-2+(32-64+128\times256\div512)+4\times8\div16\)] at t=2 second

[\(\large1-2+(32-64+(1024-2048+4096\times8192\div16384)+128\times256\div512)+4\times8\div16\)] at t=3 second.

Then what will be the final result after simplification of the expression that we will get at t=60 seconds by applying BODMAS and correcting it to three decimal places

If you think this does not exist then enter 8888 as your answer.

If you are getting answer like \(\times10^{a}\) after correction to three decimal places, then enter it as \(w.xyzE+a\).

Clarification: \(E\) represents E notation

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