Aniket's Chemistry Challenges ( Part 1 )

Chemistry Level 5

The Question is simple and has been made taking the base reaction as decomposition of A. The products have to be identified by various experiments and I have also mixed some Atomic Structure in it. I Hope you will like to work with this question. :) ( 100% Original Question )

Compound \( A\) on heating gives a mixture of gases and some moisture .I passed the mixture through alkaline pyragallol and the mixture weight reduced by 12 grams.

Then I passed the remaining mixture through starch paper and the mixture turned the starch paper blue. So I heated the mixture with conc. Caustic Soda to get compound \( F\) and \( G\) and some water. (Mol. Wt. Of \( F > G \) ). I got x grams of \(G\) and y grams of \( F\) .

Now, I cooled the mixture to 99°C to remove moisture in the form of liquid water.

Then I was left with my last gas which I treated with \( {CaC }_{2} \) to get \( P\) . \( P\) on hydrolysis with hot water liberates a \(Q\) which when added to \( \ce {Hg2Cl2 }\) results on the formation of black ppt.

Also, \( Q\) upon passing through excess of \( {Ni}^{+2} \) gives compound with colour \(z\).

This colour \(z\) is also observed when electron makes transition from \( n = a \) to \( n = b \) in Hydrogen atom and from \( n = c \) to \( n = d\) & \( n = e \) to \( n = d \) in \( {Li}^{+2} \) ion. Where c and e are the least 2 values of n of the many transitions to n = d .

Enter Your answer as : (mol. Wt. Of \( A\) ) + ( weight of \( A\) used ) + (no. of gaseous products (including moisture)) + (mol. Wt. Of last gas) + \( x + y + a + b + c + d + e \).

Details and Assumptions

  • All reactions are complete (no partial or reversible reaction)

  • Refer to this periodic table for atomic weights . And take weights of elements to nearest integer , like for Lithium given weight is 6.9 you take 7.0 .

  • Refer to this for evaluating a,b,c,d & e.

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