Another Troublesome Cylinder!

A Solid Cylinder of Mass \(M= 16 kg\) and Radius \(R=2 metres\) is Resting on a Platform parallel to X-Y Plane such that the cylinder is free to rotate about the Y-axis . The Platform is give a motion along X-direction Given by \(X=A cos(wt)\) values of \(A\) and \(w\) are 2 and 1 respectively .(Ignore gravitational pulls)

Assume there is enough Friction to cause rolling. If the maximum torque acting is \(s\), find the value of \(3s\) .

This figure might give a rough idea:

\[OR\] (When viewed from Z-axis)

 "C" is the cylinder and "P" is the platform !!

"C" is the cylinder and "P" is the platform !!


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