There are 7 dwarves red, orange, green, black, white, yellow and blue. Each one of them has an apple, however there is poisoned ones try to find the good ones.
Hints: there are truth-teller dwarves and lairs, the lairs have poisoned apples and the truth-teller has good ones.
Red said:"black has a good apple"
Orange said:"i dug up a lump of gold"
Yellow said:"orange is in my group"
Green said:"The weather on mountain is so whimsical.Yesterday, we had a huge rainstorm.
Blue said:"white isn't in my group"
Black said:"green isn't in my group"
White said:"red's apple is a good one indeed"
and one last hint there are 3 apples.

*Note: type 1 if you mean Red, 2 if you mean orange, 3 if you mean green ,4 if you mean black, 5 if you mean white, 6 if you mean yellow and 7 if you mean blue.And type in order.(if they are red, blue and black type 156)


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