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Algebra Level 3

There are three kinds of liquids X,Y,X, Y, and Z.Z. Three jars J1,J2,J_1, J_2, and J3J_3 contain 100 ml of liquids X,Y,X,Y, and Z,Z, respectively. By an operation we mean three steps in the following order:

  • stir the liquid in J1J_1 and transfer 10 ml from J1J_1 into J2;J_2;

  • stir the liquid in J2J_2 and transfer 10 ml from J2J_2 into J3;J_3;

  • stir the liquid in J3J_3 and transfer 10 ml from J3J_3 into J1.J_1.

After performing the operation four times, let x,y,x,y, and zz be the amounts of X,Y,X,Y, and Z,Z, respectively, in J1.J_1. Which of the following is correct?


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