If the Earth were suddenly stopped in its orbit, how long in days would it take for it to collide with the Sun?

Details and Assumptions

  • Regard the Sun and Earth as fixed point masses.

  • Mass of the Sun, M=1.989×1030kgM=1.989\times 10^{30} \text{kg}.

  • Mass of Earth, m=5.972×1024kgm=5.972\times 10^{24} \text{kg}.

  • Distance Earth to the Sun, R=1.496×108kmR=1.496\times 10^{8} \text{km}.

  • The gravitational constant, G=6.674×1011m3kg1s2G=6.674\times 10^{-11} \text{m}^3\text{kg}^{-1}\text{s}^{-2}.


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