Geometry Level 2

Agatha is at point A,A, and needs to reach her son Damien at point DD as soon as possible. She can swim at a constant rate, and she can also run along the shore at a constant rate (her swimming and running speeds are different).

The diagram shows how long each segment takes her to travel. A direct route ADA \rightarrow D takes 61 s, but so does a route of ABCD.A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C \rightarrow D.

Find the minimum possible amount of time (in seconds) required for Agatha to reach Damien.

Segments \(\overline{AB}\) and \(\overline{CD}\) are perpendicular to the shoreline. Segments AB\overline{AB} and CD\overline{CD} are perpendicular to the shoreline.

Note: When Agatha swims to and from the shoreline, the angles don't have to be 90 degrees.


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