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Logic Level 3

The Labyrinth The Labyrinth

  • At the end of a labyrinth, there are three doors: Only one of them lead you to safety, the other two lead to pits of lava.
  • And guarding them are three guards: one who always tells the truth, one of them always lies and the third guard kills you if you ask a trick question, but otherwise is truthful.
  • The following questions are considered trick questions:
    • A self referential question. E.g, Is the answer to this question no?
    • A question about any of the guards. E.g, Is the guard to your left a liar?
    • A question involving a possible question. E.g, Would you say yes if I asked you whether this door is safe?

Is it possible for you to escape from the room safely? How many questions would it take?

Inspired by XKCD


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