Release your Inner Sherlock! (Deductive Reasoning) #2

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Mr Bakshi was a very paranoid person. He spent a lot to ensure that his house was secure and that nobody could break in. He had security guards with ninja-like reflexes and even people who would taste his food before him. His friend, Ajit, always thought him to be a little retarded, because Bakshi was just a writer and not even a very famous one. Who would be even trying to plot against this guy? Ajit never said anything though... He was a good friend. He even entertained Bakshi's out-of-the-blue questions about situations that could never happen. It was more like a routine now. Ajit would come over for tea each evening, both would discuss the weather without any reason and suddenly Bakshi would pose a question to Ajit. Then he would wait patiently, pen in mouth and notepad in hand. Ajit was average in physical ability but exceptional in intelligence and Bakshi knew it too well. For many a books that he wrote, Ajit was his muse. Sometimes as a detective, sometimes as a commoner who solved mysteries with subtle insight. Each evening would pass exactly like this. The only exception was the question that Bakshi asked.

One evening, this was the question Bakshi asked-

"Which would be the most easiest way to kill me in my house and get away with it?"

Ajit was puzzled, of course. He was well aware of Bakshi's 'safety measures'. It took him a while, but he answered the question. This left Bakshi befuddled! He could never have thought!

Can you guess the Ajit's answer?


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