Ballistic Fragmentation

A massive body is initially at rest at \((x,y) = (0m,7m)\). The body explodes and fragments into two equal masses such that both \(x\) and \(y\) momentum are conserved.

One fragment flies leftward and impacts a target at \((x,y) = (-2m,5m)\). The other fragment flies rightward and impacts a target at \((x,y) = (12m,0m)\).

With respect to the horizontal, what is the launch angle of the rightward fragment?

Details and Assumptions:

  • Give your answer in degrees, to 1 decimal place
  • The ambient gravitational acceleration is \(10 m/s^2\) downward
  • Note that "leftward" and "rightward" should not be understood as indicating purely horizontal motion
  • In this problem, the \(x\) direction is horizontal and the \(y\) direction is vertical.

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