Basketball and tennis ball-2!

Classical Mechanics Level 3

Now consider \(n\) balls, \(B_1, . . . , B_n\), having masses \(m_1, m_2, . . . , m_n\) \((with~ m_1 >>m_2 >>· · ·>>m_n)\), sitting in a vertical stack. The bottom of \(B_1\) is a height \(h\) above the ground, and the bottom of \(B_n\) is a height \(h + l\) above the ground. The balls are dropped. In terms of \(n\), to what height does the top ball bounce?

(Note: Work in the approximation where \(m_1\) is much larger than \(m_2\), which is much larger than \(m_3\), etc., and assume that the balls bounce elastically.)

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