Batman vs Superman:Games

Batman and Superman played 3 different types of games to know who is stronger......
1. Speed of anything leaving/in batman's hand: 300 km/s.
2. Speed of anything leaving/in superman's hand: 200 km/s
3. Length of rope of superman = 20 km.
4. Length of rope of batman = 500 km.
5. Mass of object=100 kg,mass of car=1000 kg.
6. They are on a planet where g = 100 km/s^2 and radius=500 km Games:

  1. They both are given an asteroid and a tight inelastic,weightless rope. The one with higher frequency of revolutions will win. The revolutions are under gravity i.e the two forces are mg and Tension.
  2. They have to throw an object on a car moving on a circular track of radius 1 km with angular speed 30 rad/s. Those who stop the car will win. Suppose object's velocity is just opposite to car at the time of hitting and object travels in straight line.
  3. They have to throw a ball out of planet's gravitational field.
    No. of games won by batman=A,superman=B; find A*B.

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