Battle of Castles

Logic Level 4

What is white's strongest move in this position?

Details and Assumptions

White pawns are moving upwards (the bottom left square is a1). Take \((1,1)\) to be the bottom left square (so \((8,8)\) is the top right).

Assign the following values:

  • King = 10
  • Queen = 9
  • Rook = 5
  • Bishop = 4
  • Knight = 3
  • Pawn = 1

Submit your answer as \(v \times x \times y \times P\) where \(v\) is the value (as defined above) of the piece which is moved, \((x,y)\) is the square the piece is moved onto, and \(P\) is the value of the piece the pawn is promoted to, should the move be a pawn promotion. If the move is not a promotion, let \(P = 1\).


The original problem this position is pulled from is from a particular problem on's Tactics Trainer.


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