Be a wise consumer!

Algebra Level 2

Isarence loves Happy Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies! Recently, she won a competition held by The Happy Food Company, and got a voucher for Happy Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies. Hooray! Here are the terms of the voucher:

  1. This voucher is valid for a purchase of 10 boxes of Happy Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies in a single receipt.
  2. This voucher provides a 20% discount from the displayed price of the cookies (discount is applied to all 10 boxes)
  3. This voucher is valid for use at the following supermarkets: Applemart, Bestprice and Cheapstuff.

One weekend, Isarence went to the supermarket district in town to use her voucher. All 3 participating outlets had a store there, how convenient! It is known that the market price of a box of Happy Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies was $10 on that day. She went to all 3 stores to check out their prices.

The displayed price for the cookies at Applemart was the same as the market price of the cookies. However, Isarence has an Applemart Members Card, which entitles her to an additional 15% discount on all items in the store, based on their displayed prices.

Bestprice was having a sale that day, and the displayed prices for all items were 20% less than the market prices.

Cheapstuff always had cheaper prices, and it was found that the displayed price of the cookies was 5% lower than the market price. On top of that, for every 10 boxes purchased, she will receive a discount of $10, given after all the other discounts are calculated. How wonderful!

Now, Isarence loves cookies, but she isn't very accurate in counting, so she needs your help! Which store has the lowest price for 10 boxes of Happy Brand Chocolate Chip Cookies?


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