Best Song Award

Algebra Level 1

There are 5 artists up for a "Best Song" award. Here are their names and some facts about them:
James Patel: age 32, three siblings, favorite number: 1
Nicholas Blanchard: age 40, no siblings, favorite number: 18
Lisa Iris: age 23, one sibling, favorite number: 324
Oscar Gonzalez: age 27, two siblings, favorite number: 121
Nathan Keller: age 50, nine siblings, favorite number: 88

The panel of judges has released some facts about the two finalists and then the winner.

  • The quotient of the number of siblings of one finalist divided by the number of siblings of the other finalist is UNDEFINED.
  • The favorite number of one of the finalists squared is equal to the favorite number of the other finalist.
  • The winner's age is the square root of 1600.

Who will win this award?

Image credit: Grammy Awards

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