Bolt dropped from Moon Skyscraper!!!

Imagine, we've colonized on the Moon! We're building huge Skyscrapers. And its easier in the Moon's low gravity than Earth's.

An engineer, at the top of a nearly finished Skyscraper, trying to join and tighten the last bolt of the building. But unfortunately he drops it!

Then what was the total time of flight,T for the bolt?

Details and Assumptions:

  1. The height of the Skyscraper is H.

  2. As there's no atmosphere in the Moon, air can't affect the motion of the bolt. So you can consider the bolt as a Freely Falling Body From Rest.

  3. The height of each floor is \(\frac{1}{n}H\).

  4. The bolt took t seconds to cross the Ground Floor.

  5. Acceleration due to gravity, g=\(10ms^{-2}\)

  6. Moon's gravity is \(\frac{1}{6}\) of Earth's.

......Hope you don't make a Spontaneous or Random choice......!!!


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