Born-Haber's Five Way revenge

Chemistry Level pending

Riddler tells Batman that the person behinds these incidents is waiting for him at the Ace Chemical plant in the outskirts of Gotham city.

After reaching the chemical plant, Batman finds a mysterious figure with a red mask that covers his face.

The figure points to a large chemical vat that has a explosives placed all over it. the figures tells Batman "Lets put a smile on everyone's face"

Answer the question to help Batman stop the explosion

Calculate amount of free energy in the reaction HF (aq) gives \(H^{+}\)(aq) and \(F^{-}\)(aq)

Details and Assumptions

(1) H(g) gives an electron (e) and \(H^{+}\)(g) ; Heat change = +315.3

(2) F(g) and an electron (e) gives \(F^{-}\)(g) ; Heat change = -83.0

(3) H(g) and F(g) give HF(g) ; Heat change = -127.8

(4) HF(g) gives HF(aq) ; Heat change = -5.7

(5) \(H^{+}\)(g) and \(F^{-}\)(g) gives \(H^{+}\)(aq) and \(F^{-}\)(aq) ;

Heat change = -361.5

All values in kcal/mol


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