Brilliant and Problem Solvers

Algebra Level 3

The above picture shows (as of 12/15/14) the number of solvers of the first problem I posted on Brilliant, Yay for 2014! #1. The percentage in the box below the number of solvers is the percentage of viewers who solved the problem.

Now, this percentage isn't an exact figure; in fact, if the exact percentage of viewers that solved the problem is \(p\%,\) then the percentage that appears in the box is \(\left \lfloor p \right \rfloor \%.\) For example, if the number of viewers on a particular problem is 7, and 3 of those viewers solve it, the percentage in the box would be \(42\%,\) when in fact the exact percentage is \(42\frac{6}{7}\%.\)

Given this, the sum of all the possible number of viewers that could possibly have viewed my problem is equal to \(N.\) Find the last two digits of \(N.\)

Notation: \( \lfloor \cdot \rfloor \) denotes the floor function.


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