Brilliant and Problem Solving Streaks

Algebra Level 3

Brilliant has a feature that records the number of consecutive days that a certain user has been solving problems. This is called the problem solving streak. The problem solving streak for a user is shown next to a small fire icon, as shown above.

Suppose a user on Brilliant starts solving problems on January \(1, 2015\) and gains a problem solving streak of \(2015\) days. Let \(A\) represent the date on which this user last solves problems, based on the streak. Let \(M, D,\) and \(Y\) be the positive integers that represent the month, day, and year, respectively, of \(A.\)

Given that there are \(181\) days between January \(1\) and June \(30\), inclusive, of a leap year, calculate \(M + D + Y.\)

(As an example, if the date in question were March \(24, 2010,\) or \(03/24/2010,\) \(M = 3, D = 24,\) and \(Y = 2010.\))


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