Brilliant Garden

Algebra Level 3

Calvin has cut a flower from the Brilliant Garden, and when he pulls out every petal he says: "I love math:

  • a little (first petal),

  • too much (second petal),

  • passionately (third petal),

  • with madness (fourth petal),

  • nothing (fifth petal),

  • a little (sixth petal),

  • too much (seventh petal), ... "

The flower of the Brilliant Garden is an extraordinary flower. When it is extracted from the plant, it has 95 petals, but the most incredible thing is that, after pulling out 5 petals, it instantly grows a new one.

When Calvin ripped off the last petal of the flower, how many petals did he take off in all?


When the last petal was removed, what did Calvin say?


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