Brilliant Marathon!

Logic Level 1

You and your friend decide to spend the whole weekend doing a Brilliant marathon. The winner is whoever has answered the most number of questions right out of a massive set of 1500 problems at the end of the 2 day weekend.

On the first day, you answer 1200 questions, out of which about 62.2% were right. Your friend answers 700 questions, out of which about 63.6% were correct. Your friend teases you over the phone about how he has got a higher percentage of questions correct than you at the end of the first day.

On the second day, you answer 300 questions, out of which about 58.3% were correct. Your friend answers 800 questions, out of which he answers about 58.8% were correct. Once again, your friend teases you because the percentage of the number of questions he has got correct is greater than yours.

Who won this marathon?


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