Brilliant mega-match

Logic Level 3

You, Calvin, and Pi Han are competing in the Brilliant mega-match! In this event, the winner is the person to solve problems most accurately, the one with the highest ratio of solved problems to problems attempted.* The event runs for five weekdays, and the winner at the end of the week wins it all.

Here are the standings:

DayYouCalvinPi Han
Monday54% of 10057% of 70056% of 500
Tuesday43% of 20046% of 30048% of 300
Wednesday65% of 10071% of 20068% of 400
Thursday79% of 50088% of 30084% of 200
Friday34% of 10041% of 50039% of 100

Calvin performed better than both Pi Han and you in every day, except on Tuesday where Pi Han did better. So who won?

* Of course, if you actually do this, you should give each player a handicap of one incorrect problem so you can't just solve one problem and declare 100% completion. But this is an idealized problem, not a real-world execution of it, so it doesn't matter.


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