Calculating pH

Chemistry Level 2

Ιn \(200ml\) aqueous solution \( (S1)\) of ethane acid (\(\ce{CH3-COOH}\)) concentration \( C1=0,25M\),dissolve 0,6g metallic \(\ce{Mg}\) without change of volume ,resulting solution \( S2\).

  • From the solution \( S2\) remove 100ml and then diluted with water to a final volume of \( 250ml\) find the \(pH\) of this solution \(S3\)

Use to the problem :

  • \(\ce{CH3-COOH}\) : \(\ce{ Ka}=10^{-5}\)

  • \(\ce{H2O}\):\(\ce{ Kw}=10^{-14}\)

  • \(\ce{Mg}\): \(Ar=24\)

  • \(0,1-X=0,1 \) if \(x\) is very small.


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