Caliper Measurements

Classical Mechanics Level 2

Vernier calipers are measurement tools which are used to measure distance, depth, step and thickness, and so on.

An object is placed between the caliper's jaws. The sliding jaw is then moved until the object is gripped firmly between the jaws. The measurement is shown on the figure above.

The result of this measurement would be stated as \((M \pm U)\;\textrm{mm}\), where \(M\) is the measured value and \(U\) is the uncertainty. Write the number putting \(M\) and \(U\) side by side, without any decimal points (e.g., if \(M=11.2\) and \(U=1.4\), the answer is \(11214\)).

N.B. The zero setting of the caliper is at \(0.00 \;\textrm{mm}\).


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