Carrot cakes, anyone?

Logic Level 2

In the deepest servers of lies a secret place called "Carrot Market", where various items that are made up of carrots are being sold to people. Agnishom was the head of this so-called place.

One day, in an early silent morning, something happened. When Agnishom returned to the market, he discovered that the carrot cakes he baked last night were missing. He believed that the carrot cakes were eaten.

He looked at the surveillance camera of Carrot Market. However, the room where he left the carrot cakes didn't have a CCTV camera, so all that was left was the rest of the place. He saw \(3\) people from midnight to the time he returned to the market.

  • Jeremy Bansil, who was observing each carrot item in the place for his school project
  • Calvin Lin, who was inspecting any spoiled carrots in the place
  • Pi Han Goh, who was counting the number of carrot items for statistics

Some time later, Agnishom saw a carrot lying on the floor. He observed it and saw a carving of random symbols. This was what was written:

sake) tojje) ayt ate l!sueq hwajar

Agnishom went to a sudden realization and pointed immediately the one who ate the carrot cakes. Who ate the carrot cakes?


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